The Brait Foundation was established in July 2000, as a partnership between the group and its employees. The Foundation's objective is to provide better opportunities to previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa, through education. It is resourced via financial contributions from the group's business units, staff and fundraising initiatives, but its main strength lies in the commitment of its members who, together with Brait staff, volunteer their time, energy and expertise to manage, monitor and assist the various projects undertaken by the Foundation.

As an organisation that recognises and promotes excellence, drive and entrepreneurial spirit, Brait seeks to foster individuals whose ability, commitment to learning and determination to overcome barriers can be an example to their peers and the wider community. The Brait Foundation is proud to be associated with individuals, organisations, institutions and projects which share the same passion shown by Brait and its staff members.
Moletsane Secondary School
Moletsane School, located in Soweto, was established in 1972 and graduated into a fully fledged senior secondary school in 1976. Moletsane currently has 1 330 learners enrolled, supported by 37 educators and three administrative officers. During recent years the Brait Foundation has developed a strong partnership with Moletsane and has set up a number of successful programmes in conjunction with the school.

The Foundation has over the past five years, assisted Moletsane by upgrading school buildings and facilities, and implementing various learning programmes which have assisted and encouraged both learners and teachers alike. This is reflected in the marked improvement in Moletsane's matric results over the past few years.
2001: 46% pass rate
2002: 86,4% pass rate with 35 distinctions
2003: 93,4% pass rate with 22 distinctions
2004: 91% pass rate (the best Gr 12 results in the Soweto area)
2005: 80% pass rate with four distinctions
Moletsane is now much admired, within the Soweto school community, for the improvement of its matric results as well as for the enormous commitment it shows to the continuing education and upliftment of both its teachers and pupils.

Projects, achievements, milestones, awards:
Brait annually sponsors seven teams from Moletsane to participate in the JSE/Liberty Life Investment Schools Challenge. The competition involves learners from grades 10 and 11 managing listed equity investment portfolios on the JSE, and is aimed at introducing learners to the workings of the stock market and the principles of equity investment. Brait staff mentor the pupils, on a voluntary basis, sharing their extensive investment experience. Moletsane has taken the competition by storm, having three teams placed in the top 10 in the past three years, and emerging as winners in the 2005 competition. The Foundation was attracted to this project because of the educational benefits to the participating learners and their classmates. Moletsane has reported improved results in commercial subjects, since the introduction of the competition at the school.
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Brait has sponsored the upgrade of the library facilities at the school and in partnership with READ (a literacy focused NGO), has managed to ensure that the library is now fully functional. It has become a vibrant, integral part of the school. The Foundation continues to fund the purchase of books and provides ongoing training to school staff members to ensure the sustainability of the library. Once a year, Brait staff are encouraged to donate books, which are sorted, covered, catalogued and presented to the library. The Foundation is also responsible for the supply and upkeep of computers to the school and the sponsoring of a part-time computer teacher.
Through the Brait Foundation a number of career guidance initiatives have been implemented. These include career and subject choice workshops (run by PACE), together with school outings to businesses and places of interest in various sectors of the economy (the latter organised by Brait Foundation members). The Foundation has also set up the "PACE" software programme at Moletsane in order to assist pupils with decisions regarding subject choices and careers.
In 2003, Brait and Moletsane participated in the first Cell C "Take a Girl Child to Work Day". Brait has continued to support this programme, hosting girls from Moletsane each year, and endorses Cell C's initiative to "deepen the thinking of the girl child with regard to their infinite roles in society, enhance her self-esteem, inspire and motivate her to reach her full potential and through exposure to diverse careers and positive role models assist her to prepare for the world of work". Supporting this kind of programme ties in with the Foundation's motto of " better opportunities through education".
Other projects initiated at Moletsane, by Brait, include the introduction of the Activate Mindset Programme. Activate, a channel of the Mindset Network, offers a complete learning plan via satellite television with multimedia support. The channel is aimed at supporting teachers and learners with the new FET curriculum. Moletsane is able to access Activate via DStv channel 82. The daily broadcasts are supported by print supplements provided via the Sunday Times.
The Foundation introduced the "Entrepreneurs on the Move" project to the school. The aim of this project is to introduce and encourage entrepreneurship amongst students and school leavers. It is focused on business development, mentorship, an entrepreneurship project, job creation and skills development. This programme is currently being successfully run by the school's economics teacher.
Towards the end of 2005, the Brait Foundation working together with "Habitat for Humanity" started building a school hall at Moletsane. The hall is able to seat up to 1 200 pupils and is expected to become central to the working of the school. Chairs for the hall were purchased from personal donations received from Brait's staff. The new hall will enable the school to hold assemblies, host functions, public speaking events etc, and can also be used as extra classroom space, as required.
The school hall project was a great innovator towards teambuilding initiatives within the group. Staff volunteers had the opportunity to be involved in physically helping to build the hall at Moletsane, in Soweto. Brait staff worked side-by-side with Moletsane teachers digging, pushing wheelbarrows, filling building foundations, wielding pickaxes, laying bricks and generally assisting the contractors with whatever manual labour required.
The new Moletsane school hall was officially opened by the Honourable Minister of Education, Ms Naledi Pandor, on 22 May 2006, when it was announced that Moletsane would now form part of the Education Department's "Dinaledi" ("Star") initiative – a proud moment for all involved.
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