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Business overview

With its origins dating back to 1820, Premier is a leading South African based national staple foods producer with the strategic intent to be a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer offering branded and private label FMCG solutions. Its strong heritage brands include Snowflake (wheat flour), Iwisa No 1 and Nyala (maize meal), Blue Ribbon (bread), Lil-lets (feminine hygiene), Manhattan and Super C (sugar confectionery) and Companhia Industrial da Matola S.A.(CIM) food brand portfolio (Top Score, Polana, Florbela and Favorita) in Mozambique. Premier serves all channels to the market and operates through a wide footprint across South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique with a Lil-lets sales office in the UK. Its fleet of around 840 bakery trucks make over 40,000 bread deliveries a day. Premier produces and sells c.540 million loaves of bread and in excess of 990,000 tons of maize and wheat per year (including by-products) and has significant exposure to the informal market which accounts for c.70% of bread sales volumes.
Snowflake Iwisa Blue Ribbon Lil-lets
Manhattan Super-C Nyala CIM