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Brait is an investment holding company focused on driving sustainable long-term growth and value creation in its investment portfolio of sizeable, unlisted businesses operating in the broad consumer sector. Brait’s shares are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and also on the JSE.

Objective Achieve superior long-term capital appreciation through majority or significant minority stakes in investments across a portfolio of primarily unlisted companies, while raising capital in the most efficient manner
Investment criteria • Investment size that ‘moves the dial’
• Solid track record demonstrating strong growth in earnings, good margins and high cash flow conversion
• Strong, aligned and experienced management team
• Market leader in chosen segments
• Well developed platform in local market with ability to move geographically into high growth territories
• Clear coherent strategy that is flexible in order to be sustainable over the long term
• Sensible acquisition multiple
• Deep understanding of customers / clients
• Relevant products
Timeline • Whilst opportunistic on exit, ability to hold investments for long timeframes (open ended)
• Ability to execute transactions quickly
Transparency • Disclosure of valuation metrics and summarised audited financial statements for all significant
  investments to enable investors to formulate their own valuations
• Biannual NAV reporting
• Interim and year-end results calls, with portfolio company management presenting