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Business overview

Premier is a leading consumer packaged goods (“CPG”) company offering a wide range of products across Southern Africa. The Company provides a multi-brand, multi-product offering across a wide range of categories across numerous channels, strategically positioning itself within the food and beverage and home and personal care sectors and maintaining the flexibility to capitalise on growth areas in the CPG industry. Premier produces and markets iconic South African brands such as Snowflake, Blue Ribbon, BB Bakeries, Iwisa, Nyala, Super Sun, Impala, Manhattan, Super C, Mister Sweet, Champion toffee, Rascals, Candy Tops, Lil-lets, and Dove cotton wool; as well as leading brands in Mozambique which include CIM, Florbela, Polana and Top Score; and in eSwatini, brands which include SUB, Mister Bread, Blue Ribbon, Iwisa, Bakers Pride, and Mandla Mageu.
Premier’s 13 bakeries, 7 wheat mills, and 3 maize mills, producing its market-leading bread brands across South Africa, eSwatini and Lesotho, have an installed milling capacity of 980,000 and 680,000 tonnes of wheat and maize, respectively, per annum. Approximately 54% of the flour that is produced by Premier is used internally to supply its bakeries. For FY2022, total bread product capacity was at 747 million loaves per annum. These operations are supported by 16 dedicated bread distribution depots, including one satellite depot in eSwatini and a fleet of 1,059 owned and third-party bakery trucks to provide bread deliveries to over 45,000 customers via 975 routes, 363 days a year. Premier distributes brands in the remainder of its product portfolio through nine mixed-use distribution depots across South Africa, eSwatini, Lesotho and Mozambique, using a fleet of 87 Premier owned trucks, bakkies (light pickup trucks), buses and tankers.
Snowflake Iwisa Blue Ribbon Lil-lets
Manhattan Super-C Nyala CIM